Financial Inclusion
Our investments 3bf 2020
3BF (3 Bags Full) - Bringing digital jobs to schools
3BF reduces the barriers to employment and economic prosperity by taking digital jobs directly to schools so that students can earn while they learn.
Pocketful is a mobile financial inclusion application that brings together a AI driven chatbot (Penny), budgeting, ID, payments, financial training and connections to the financial assistance ecosystem to deliver an integrated financial fitness solution. Pocketful helps you easily create a daily budget, set up a savings plan, put together a plan to get out of debt, connect to support services… everything you need to get financially fit.
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Fund a Future (Now SuperGenerous)
Platform to upcycle unclaimed donation tax rebates back to charities.

“The gift that keeps on giving
Every time you donate to a charity, school or religious organisation, you are eligible for a 33% donation rebate, but most Kiwis never bother with the paperwork. SuperGenerous makes it easy to claim back your rebate and put your share to good use – whether that means regifting it to charity or keeping it for yourself.”
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Our investments improving victim reparation payments 2019
Improving Victim Reparation Payments
Ministry of Justice options analysis to find a solution to move away from cheques to pay victim reparations.
Our investments exploring check use in New zealand 2017
Exploring cheque use in New Zealand from a human centred perspective
Research project to consider the human centred challenges of cheque usage and explore solutions for transitioning from cheques to other payment options. The aim of the project was to produce a base of actionable insights that can be used by banks, businesses and government agencies to help transition people to less expensive and ultimately more durable and sustainable payment services.
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Cheque Transition Government Working Group
The Fund established and supported a cross government working group to share challenges of cheque usage and explore solutions, for transitioning from cheques to other payment options.
2 shakes
2 Shakes - AML for SME's
Anti-money laundering solution for SMEs to on-board new clients.

When a financial services business gains a new customer, it often takes time before the two businesses can start working together. Regulations, compliance and permissions – both public and private – can slow everything down. 2Shakes makes the whole customer onboarding process a lot simpler – and faster.
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Ngā Mihi - providing essentials for people in our prisons
In 2022, WGIF committed $50,000 and partnered with GovTech team to accelerate the impact of their solution. Ngā Mihi is a social enterprise that facilitates the purchase and delivery of preapproved goods to individuals within New Zealand Corrections Facilities. This service was developed by Take2 graduates who have experienced the struggle first-hand of not having easy access to their basic needs, such as socks, shoes, or underwear. Faced with this problem, Ngā Mihi has been on a mission to make things easier for both New Zealand prisoners and their whānau by implementing a hassle-free and secure marketplace that allows the whānau and friends of prisoners to purchase prison-approved items. Ngā Mihi’s Essentials Store lets people in prison access and request a range of pre-approved essential items. Orders are reviewed and approved by Corrections, after which a unique link is sent to whānau to complete the purchase. Whānau receives regular updates to let them know when items have shipped and when the person in prison receives them.
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