Current intake
Financing and Incentivising the Decarbonisation of Aotearoa
Current intake
Ko ngā pūtea hei whakaora o Aotearoa
Focus area
Decarbonisation is one of the most significant challenges of our time and something that impacts all of us.

“As a critical part of the climate change equation, decarbonisation is a challenge embedded in many levels of our society. We have the technology to provide solutions, and we know where we need to be, but the challenge lies in how to get there. With the right system settings, we can make the choice easier for all people to make the necessary behavioural change to move the dial. We’ve also learnt from historic cases of inspiring behavioural change, that we need to incentivise that transformation, which will be a focus of this Intake.

Time is of the essence as we move closer towards environmental tipping points however, there is still time for mitigation to occur. It will require collective prioritisation and pragmatism to efficiently work towards solutions that contribute to New Zealand’s international agreements, protect our land and oceans and improve our quality of life through the significant economic and wellbeing opportunities that sustainability can provide.” – ThinkPlace, 2021

We have up to $1 million NZD funding available to support the best propositions.
We are looking for applicants who have ideas that will support, or directly address one or more of the many enablers and barriers that will ultimately incentivise meaningful decarbonisation for Aotearoa.
This could take many forms:
  • You might be someone who is championing systemic improvements to the legislation or regulations which underpin decarbonisation and other climate change related activities.
  • You might be developing certification and accreditation schemes or, gamification and loyalty schemes to incentivise behaviour that promotes decarbonisation
  • You might be able to solve a challenge/problem which can then be replicated elsewhere – no matter where that change is needed or how small it might be.
  • You might have a ‘quick win’ idea that is simple and implementable – not reliant on new laws or complicated technology.
  • You might have an already proven solution that could be adopted, shared, or scaled-up to address a broader problem for others.
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What’s up for grabs
We have up to $1 Million NZD funding available to support the best propositions. We are ideally looking to fund multiple recipients within this amount (for guidance, n x $100k-250k) - but this shouldn’t stop you from applying if you think you have the ‘one idea to rule them all’.

We have commissioned a piece of research from the team at ThinkPlace to provide context, suggested focus areas and key questions relating to funding and incentivising the decarbonisation of Aotearoa. This is included in the application pack and is also available below.

For ideas that pass through the initial assessment gate, we’ll work closely with you to help you further develop your thinking to bring your idea to life.

If you’re not quite sure how your idea might fit into a funding round, please get in touch!
Important dates
16 November 2021
Applications open
Click the 'Apply now' button to download your application form.
16 February 2022
Applications close
Applications must be received by 5pm on the deadline date. Applications received after this time will only be accepted if you have agreement in writing from the Innovation Fund prior to the deadline time and date.
30 April 2022
Gate 1 - Shortlisted applicants notified
Candidates that have been shortlisted, and those who have been unsuccessful in their application will be notified. Successful candidates will receive details on what happens next.
Mid-June 2022
Gate 2 - Final funding announcements made
Funding decisions for the Intake are announced and The Innovation Fund team will contact you to let you know of the outcome.
Key criteria
Each application is assessed on its merits, however there area some key criteria you need to meet to be considered:
  • Clear articulation of the problem you are trying to solve and the solution you are proposing
  • Demonstrable connection and relevance to the focus area
  • Clear articulation of your proposition's value to the Government, Westpac and New Zealanders more broadly
Additional points we factor into consideration
Does the proposition:
  • Address the root cause of the problem?
  • Consider the impacts on people (is it human centered)?
  • Provide extensibility and flexibility?
  • Consider the needs of multiple government agencies?
  • Consider the competitive landscape?
  • Leverage existing platforms, capabilities, and assets?
  • Help with better decision making?
  • Take an investment approach?
  • Consider the total lifetime cost and value/impact of innovation?
  • Take an innovative approach to problem solving?
  • Include standard technologies (rather than highly proprietary ones)?
  • Build working examples: learn, design, develop, and validate durable innovation through trial and error?
  • Move as quickly as possible to working examples in order to test theories and concepts with real people, in the real world?
  • Accept the possibility of failure?