We frequently commission research to support our intakes - helping to set the scene and to identify enablers, blockers and opportunities that candidates can focus on to help the impact and relevance of their propositions. Some of the projects we fund also produce relevant reports to share their approach, outcomes and learnings.

These are shared below:
Quality homes pic
Bringing quality homes within reach of more New Zealanders
August 2022
For our August 2022 intake we commissioned a research report from ThinkPlace. “We need a paradigm shift which seeks to reimagine what the housing system might look like, where we move from housing being a form of commodified intergenerational wealth creation to being a form of wellbeing creation” - ThinkPlace 2022
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Financing and Incentivising the Decarbonisation of Aotearoa
November 2021
For our November 2021 intake we commissioned research from ThinkPlace – “Time is of the essence as we move closer towards environmental tipping points however, there is still time for mitigation to occur. It will require collective prioritisation and pragmatism to efficiently work towards solutions that contribute to New Zealand’s international agreements, protect our land and oceans and improve our quality of life through the significant economic and wellbeing opportunities that sustainability can provide.” – ThinkPlace, 2021
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Improving Supply Chain Transparency Report
March 2021
For our March 2021 intake we commissioned research from ThinkPlace on Improving Supply Chain Transparency. We are more sensitive now, than perhaps at any time previously, to where our ‘stuff’ comes from: who made it; how ethical or sustainable the process was, and how people and the environment were affected by the manufacture or transport of it. How can we do better?
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The Future of Work
May 2020
The future of work is something that affects all New Zealanders. The COVID pandemic accelerated the pace of change and the future of work is happening now. It’s a very broad topic and we wanted to know what pragmatic ideas were out there to help New Zealand make changes. We commissioned a piece of research from the fabulous team at ThinkPlace to provide some context on the current world view of the future of work.
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Our investments disease surveillance 2017
Can transaction data shape government policy?
May 2018
A team from the University of Auckland had a unique opportunity to investigate historical and anonymised bank transaction data to see if they could identify spending patterns in a community following a disease outbreak.
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Exploring cheque use in New Zealand
September 2017
The use of cheques as a mode of payment in New Zealand has been decreasing over time, but a number of individuals and organisations continue to use them. Although cheques are quickly disappearing from common usage there is still a persistent “tail” of cheque use that needs addressing.
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