Case Study
Supergenerous offers a creative solution to utilise the estimated $1 billion in unclaimed donation tax rebates. Donors can use the platform to gift their donation tax rebates back to the charities they already support or get the refund back for themselves. When the rebate is regifted, it is a new donation for the charity, which increases the total value of the donation.

WGIF support was used to build a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and test the market for the platform. The funding allowed them to validate their value proposition, get access to further funding to be investment ready and close their initial pre-seed capital raise from investors.

Impact is at the heart of this platform, with a start-up mentality driving towards creating a sustainable venture.
“We are a tech for good start up and having the WGIF funding allowed us to invest in the foundational aspect of our tech stack which became the founding block of our operation today and facilitated our impact.”
Guillaume Dehan, Supergenerous