Bringing innovative ideas to life. Today.

The Innovation Fund is jointly governed by Westpac and the Government. We support Government agencies and those working with them to solve problems and uncover opportunities, big and small.

We provide funding and expertise that supports the identification, validation and championing of innovative ideas and opportunities that make a difference for NZ.

About the fund

We live in an age when technology is moving faster than most businesses and government agencies. And while the benefits of this brave new world are extraordinary, it's often hard to seize the opportunities as they happen.

The Innovation Fund (also referred to as Innovation as a Service, or IaaS) is an initiative set up as a joint programme by the New Zealand Government and Westpac to help government agencies do just that.

The aim is to identify and solve real-world issues, and drive solutions that are tangible, valuable and inspiring for all New Zealanders.

What we do



We listen to those that want to make a difference and make things better, those who have a problem to solve and need some additional support or funding to explore, validate, or implement a smart solution.



Funding can take many forms, and the amount/s available are published with each intake. The full funding amount may be granted to one grand idea, or split between multiple ideas from multiple candidates. Funding is granted to ideas at all different stages of the innovation lifecycle.



We have access to expertise across a broad array of disciplines. We can help you refine your thinking and approach by providing coaching and support to help you turn your idea into reality.



As well as expertise, we can help connect you to potential partners and customers in the government and private sector, bringing together people with shared problems or experiences to learn from and grow with.