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Case Study
GovTech Accelerator
WGIF was a foundational sponsor of Creative HQ’s GovTech Accelerator programme. The GovTech Accelerator is a globally unique programme that provides an opportunity for government agencies to participate in an intensive three-month accelerator targeting root-cause problems, facilitating collaboration, and upskilling participants.

WGIF has also sponsored a team each year to go through the accelerator, including:

· Sustainable Supply Chains - a business-government partnership to combine knowledge and scale the impact of sustainability through supply chains. Now launched as ‘Docket’.
· UpSouth - a call-to-action platform that empowers the voices of rangatahi in Tāmaki Makaurau and the wider Aotearoa.
· Manaaki Tairāwhiti - In 2021, WGIF committed $50,000 and partnered with a GovTech team to accelerate the impact of their work. Manaaki Tairāwhiti are catalysing positive change in the social services sector for whānau in Tairāwhiti. Through the GovTech Accelerator, they created Urungi. Urungi is a tool that enables the accurate and efficient collection and analysis of this data. With Urungi, Manaaki Tairāwhiti can collect and aggregate the challenges of the current system for whānau in real-time - enabling systemic improvements to social services with whānau voices at the heart.
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“WGIF is about the ‘conditions for success’ type attributes. It’s almost the school for innovation and the impact is not necessarily just the organisations. The impact is its people having access to purpose, freedom, capacity to learn, and collaborate.”
- Abbie Reynolds, Westpac Sustainability Advisory Panel and Director, Auckland Transport