Our Case Studies

A collection of case studies from initiatives that we have funded. Take a look to see how we’ve helped to deliver innovation so far…

Digital inclusion

A matter of life and death

Nobody wants to think about dying – but sadly, it’s something that will happen to all of us. And when you’re no longer here, there’s a smart Kiwi business that’s making life a lot easier for those you leave behind.

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Optimising government payment processes

Exploring Cheque Use in New Zealand

The use of cheques in New Zealand has been decreasing over time, but a number of individuals and organisations continue to use them, despite rising costs and an ever wider variety of alternative payment methods. This has the potential to create problems, as the declining use of cheques is undermining the overall sustainability of the infrastructure and systems that support cheques.

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Improving Existing Public Services

The face of the future

How we helped the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) develop and test a virtual human to assist visitors arriving at Auckland airport

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Can transaction data shape government policy?

A team from the University of Auckland had a unique opportunity to investigate historical and anonymised bank transaction data to see if they could identify spending patterns in a community following a disease outbreak.

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Health & Safety/Crisis Management

Building Digital Resilience

How we helped deliver government outcomes with the creation of a new cyber security audit service for NZ small businesses.

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